Ipswich Northern Fringe
Safeguarding the Character of Ipswich

The Ipswich Northern Fringe Protection Group is a local residents campaign group, which feels the development of the Ipswich Northern Fringe with up to 4000 new homes is unnecessary at this time and will adversely affect the regeneration of the Ipswich town centre leaving brown-field sites underdeveloped and resulting in significant traffic congestion problems.

Ipswich Core Strategy Stage 1 Examination - 25th Apr 2016
The Stage 1 Examination of the revised Ipswich Core Strategy took place on 22nd and 23rd March 2016. It focussed upon:
  • Whether Ipswich Borough Council (IBC) had met the legal requirements regarding the duty to co-operate with neighbouring Councils on strategic cross-boundary issues (e.g. jobs growth, housing growth and strategic infrastructure)
  • Whether the assessed needs for housing and employment land were soundly based.

We argued that IBC had failed to meet its legal obligations under the 2011 Localism Act. This view was also supported by some other parties including Ipswich MP Ben Gummer, SOCS (Save our Country Spaces), Mersea Homes, CBRE Global Solutions and the Home Builders Federation.

Despite our arguments, the Inspector has decided to proceed to Stage 2 of the local plan examination, which is likely to commence in the next few months.

Mersea Homes/ CBRE Global Investors Update – 8th Apr 2016
The timescales for a planning decision by IBC have now slipped to the 29th July 2016. The main reason for the delay has been the difficulty in coming up with a traffic solution for the Ipswich Garden Suburb (IGS) that doesn’t result in gridlock within Ipswich and the surrounding roads. Mersea Homes/CBRE has produced a revised traffic model but has encountered difficulties in proving the model works to the satisfaction of Suffolk County Council. We understand that agreement has recently been reached and the model is now being used to assess the traffic impacts of the IGS with and without mitigation proposals.

Crest Nicholson Planning Application – 8th Apr 2016
Crest is in the process of preparing an outline planning application for the Henley Gate area of the Ipswich Garden Suburb, i.e. the land between Henley Road and Westerfield Road north of the railway line and south of Lower Road. The proposals are for 1000 new homes, a country park, a primary school and a local shopping centre. Their intentions are to submit an outline planning application in June 2016 with a view to obtaining a planning decision by the end of December 2016. We have arranged to meet them on 3rd May to discuss the key issues and their proposals.

AGM Held on 5th April 2016 – 8th Apr 2016

Our Annual General Meeting was held at 7.30 pm at the Ascension Hall, Larchcroft Road, Ipswich on 5th April 2016. For further Information please click on one of the following links:

Government Planning Inspector Appointed – 19th January 2016
The Secretary of State has appointed Malcolm Rivett to conduct a public examination into the soundness of the revised Ipswich Local Plan. Having undertaken an initial assessment of the plan and representations from us and others, the Inspector has recognised there are a number of key issues that need to be explored prior to the main public hearings. These “Stage 1” hearings will take place on the 22nd –24th March 2016 and we will be in attendance to represent NFPG views. Find out more...

Mersea Homes/CBRE planning Application Update – 24th November 2015
The developers have failed to meet their revised timescales for resolving the many serious issues raised and have yet to resubmit modified proposals. A new traffic model has been constructed by the developer’s consultants Croft Transport Solutions but is proving difficult to validate against measured traffic data. We have no information on the latest highway changes that are under consideration but this will be a major concern for many residents. Traffic will be the key issue in determining the application and we will need to pay special attention to new information submitted by the developers.

Core Strategy Consultation – 24th November 2015
Ipswich Borough Council (IBC) have recently undertaken a public consultation on the revised Core Strategy and this concluded on 23rd November 2015. Comments were invited on a number of proposed changes (referred to as Main Modifications). They were mainly editorial in nature as well as addressing the Government withdrawal of the ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’ and other legal changes. They completely fail to address the substantial number of key issues raised by us and other parties during the previous consultation (March 2015) and IBC have declined to offer any explanation why such key issues have been disregarded. IBC risks undermining local democracy by such actions. Our representations can be found by clicking on the following links Core Strategy and Sustainability Appraisal.

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On the Grapevine
Warning: Contains unsubstantiated information

  • One of our members was informed that Japanese Knotweed had been found on the Northern Fringe site south of the railway line. Documents submitted as part of the Mersea Homes/CBRE hybrid planning application 14/00638/OUTFL have indicated that Japanese Knotweed has been found close to the site, this will need to be closely monitored as it can spread quickly and remedial action may be required as some stage.