It was expected that once the Northern Fringe Master Plan had been adopted by Ipswich Borough Council, the developers would submit outline planning applications followed by detailed planning applications. To that effect, Policy CS10 of the adopted Core Strategy states that a prerequisite for any development being granted planning permission in the Northern fringe will be the prior adoption by the Council of a supplementary planning document i.e. the Masterplan.

However, Mersea Homes and CBRE Global Investors have signalled their intention to submit an outline planning application in the spring/ early summer of 2014 and have staged a public consultation and exhibition on 25th/26th April 2014. The Masterplan is unlikely to be adopted by the Council until Q1 2015 at the earliest. We are concerned that Mersea Homes/CBRE are attempting to 'jump the gun' ahead of the findings of the recent public consultation by Ipswich Borough Council, which closed on 10th March 2014 and prior to the adoption of the Masterplan. If the development is to go ahead, we would like to see an integrated planned approach for the whole site, not a piecemeal uncoordinated approach which risks not delivering the required infrastructure and facilities contained within the draft Masterplan and revised Core Strategy. It is also vitally important that an environmental impact assessment including a traffic assessment is made for the entire site and not just one part in isolation. The developers appear to be gambling that if planning permission is refused, that an appeal to the Department for Communities and Local Government under the National Planning Policy Framework would be successful.