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  • Represent the views of our members on all matters concerning and likely to influence the Ipswich Northern Fringe including consultations, planning applications and appeals etc. This includes representations at both local and national level concerning any proposed changes to planning policy, which could have implications for the Ipswich Northern Fringe. Examples include making representations at the Mersea Homes planning appeal hearings, tabling eight papers challenging various aspects of the Ipswich Core Strategy and presenting them at the public examination and proposing changes to the draft National Planning Policy Framework.
  • Are pressing for brown field sites to be developed before the Northern Fringe
  • Are urging Ipswich Borough Council to proactively work with neighbouring authorities in identifying jobs growth and the best locations to promote housing growth.
  • Are pressing for a review of the Core Strategy based on up-to-date evidence on housing need and jobs growth forecasts within Ipswich to be undertaken in parallel with the development of the Northern Fringe Master plan. Also the finalisation and adoption of the Master plan should be made contingent upon the completion, publication and adoption of the Core Strategy review with the data being reflected back into the Master plan. No development of the Ipswich Northern Fringe should be agreed prior to the adoption of both the Core Strategy Review and Northern Fringe Master plan.
  • Are proactively engaging with Ipswich Borough Council in the development of the Northern Fringe Master plan. In May 2012 we submitted our Top 10 Issues. In July we attended a public workshop organised by David Locke Associates looking into what kind of development would be required including community facilities such as schools, shops and doctors surgeries and green spaces including a country park. We have also joined the Northern Fringe Community Steering Panel, which aims to act as a communication channel between the Northern Fringe community and the Development Steering Group(comprising representatives from Ipswich and Suffolk Councils, Developers, consultants and various specialists).
  • Maintain close links with:
    • Our local politicians, Ben Gummer MP for Ipswich and Dr Dan Poulter MP for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, who have expressed support for our campaign
    • Our north Ipswich councillors
    • Save Our Country Spaces (a local resident campaign group with similar objectives to ourselves) and the Ipswich Society.