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A project manager (Phil Sweet) was appointed by Ipswich Borough Council to lead the development of the Northern Fringe Master plan. On his retirement in March 2014, Phil has been replaced by Rosalynn Claxton. A number of working groups were established as follows:

  • The Development Steering Group, which has overall responsibility for the generation and public consultation of the Master plan. It comprises representatives from Ipswich Council, Suffolk County Council, the Developers and consultants.
  • The Spacial Planning Working Group, which is concerned with the overall planned layout of the site including site access, transport, drainage etc. It comprises experts from Ipswich Council on urban design, drainage and conservation together with external consultants on transport and planning.
  • The Transport Working Group, which is concerned with all aspects of the transport planning for the site together with the integration and impact upon off-site transportation e.g. the surrounding road networks. The group is concerned with site access arrangements, roads, bridge over the railway line, parking, public transport, cycle ways, traffic studies etc. It comprises Ipswich Council, Suffolk County Council traffic experts, Vectos an external traffic consultancy, planning consultants and the developers.
  • The Community Steering Panel which forms a communications channel between the above groups and the local communities. It comprises Ipswich Council representatives including counsellors from the North of Ipswich, Westerfield Parish Council, the Northern Fringe Protection Group, Save our Country Spaces and the Ipswich Society.

The minutes for the various meetings can be found here

Ipswich Borough Council held a number of exhibitions and a public meeting in January/ February 2013 on the 3 layout options under consideration for the Northern Fringe Master Plan. Subsequently option 2 was selected.

As expected the public meeting was a lively affair with approximately 200 people attending and over 600 people attended the exhibitions. Not surprisingly key issues raised included the impact upon traffic congestion, rat-runs, the large scale of the development, need to develop brown-field first, flooding concerns for Westerfield residents, loss of high grade farmland and the impact of immigration.

The public consultation closed on 22nd February 2013 and the NFPG response can be seen by clicking here.

The Council has commissioned a sustainability appraisal of the Northern Fringe Issues and Options from Hyder Consulting (UK) Limited. The sustainability appraisal, which is an interim report at this stage, identifies the options potential impacts on environmental, economic and social objectives. The NFPG response to the appraisal report can be seen here.