Tuddenham to take Northern Fringe Sewage
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12th February 2013

At the Northern Fringe Community Steering Panel held on 12th February, Sue Bull of Anglian Water said that foul water/sewage drainage solutions from the proposed Northern Fringe development were proving 'challenging'. Originally it was thought the development would be able to connect into the sewer systems feeding into Cliff Quay treatment works. However, it now appears this isn't a feasible option and to connect to Cliff Quay a totally new sewer pipe would be required to link the Northern Fringe. This would be extremely expensive and cause major disruption as it is laid through Ipswich Town. Just imagine the road works and traffic disruption!
Although feasibility assessments are still in progress, Sue Bull said the emerging preferred option was to significantly expand the small treatment works in the village of Tuddenham and connect a new sewer from the Northern Fringe to it. However, the treatment works is in the Fynn Valley, renowned for its natural beauty, and is down a small lane. Key issues will be the impact on the environment including the number and size of lorries required to remove treated solid waste from the plant and discharge of liquids into the River Fynn, which is more like a stream

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