Public Exhibitions & Consultation 13th January - 10th March 2014
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12th January 2014

Ipswich Borough Council have agreed for a public consultation on the Ipswich Northern Fringe draft Masterplan (now renamed Ipswich Garden Suburb Supplementary Planning Document) and a review of the Core Strategy, to commence on the 13th January 2014 and complete on the 10th March 2014. Associated with the Core Strategy review is a Site Allocations document which identifies sites within Ipswich for future development.

A number of Public Exhibitions will take place as follows:

      Gainsborough Sports and Community Centre, Braziers Wood Road
            Mon 3rd February, 3pm - 8pm
      St Mary Magdalene Church, Church Lane, Westerfield
            Thurs 6th Feb, 5pm - 8pm
            Fri 7th Feb, 11am - 5pm
            Sat 8th Feb, 11am - 5pm
      Ipswich Sports Club, Henley Rd
            Sat 15th Feb, 11am - 5pm
            Sun 16th Feb, 11am - 5pm
      Town Hall Corn Exchange, Pickwick Room
            Tue 18th Feb, 11am - 5pm
            Wed 19th Feb, 11am - 5pm
      Colchester Road Baptist Church
            Fri 28th Feb, 3pm - 8pm
            Sat 1st March, 11am - 5pm

The draft Masterplan can be found by following the link to the Ipswich Garden Suburb Supplementary Planning Document

Our major concerns are with the review of the Core Strategy, which sets out the intention to allow multiple starts across the Northern Fringe rather than a phased approach and to allocate the entire site for development. In effect the whole of the Northern Fringe will become a building site for the next 18 years! The Council argues that this is driven by the current National Planning Policy Framework which requires local authorities to meet the assessed housing needs for 15 years and to have a proven 5 year supply of housing land with a 5% buffer.

In reality it is driven by Ipswich Borough Council's decision to shift from a jobs-led strategy to a housing-led strategy as the Council finally has admitted that its jobs target was unrealistically high - a point we have repeatedly made. It is now accepted that there will be insufficient jobs for Northern Fringe residents within Ipswich Borough and they will have to commute to work. This will affect the assumptions made on traffic congestion.

Increased traffic congestion remains a top issue for residents and road users and we will continue to press for an independent traffic analysis to assess the implications including the effects on air quality.

Other concerns include lack of jobs, drainage and the effects on flooding (very much in the news at present), pressures on hospitals, doctors, social services, education services (although a new secondary and 3 new primary schools are planned) and new sewage pipelines through the town to Cliff Quay treatment works.

We would encourage you to visit one of the exhibitions and have your say as the Northern Fringe development will impact upon the lives of Ipswich residents, not just those living in the North of Ipswich, and road users.

If you wish to comment please email