Revised Core Strategy Consultation
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18th March 2015

Thanks to everyone who responded to the above consultation. Our detailed submissions on the above can be see by clicking on one of the following links Core Strategy & Policies Development Plan and the associated Sustainability Appraisal.

The revised Core Strategy intends to allocate the entire Ipswich Northern Fringe for immediate development through multi-site starts. This is a high-risk strategy that will result in severe traffic congestion for both North Ipswich and the town centre and will damage the future attractiveness and prosperity of the town.

Other key issues include the lack of sewage pipeline capacity between the Garden Suburb and Cliff Quay treatment works with no agreed solution in sight and the removal of a target for brownfield site development. The document will need to be examined in public before a Government appointed Inspector and this is expected to happen in the autumn of this year. We will need to make our case to the Inspector to show that the revised Core Strategy is unsound and should be rejected. This will be vitally important since if the revised Core Strategy is found unsound, it will not be able to be adopted nor will the Northern Fringe masterplan.

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