Northern Fringe Community Steering Panel
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21st August 2012

We have joined a Community Steering Panel set up by Ipswich Borough Council to form a communications channel between community groups and the Council including the Northern Fringe Development Steering Group, Spatial Master planning Working Group and the Transport Working Group.

This is a positive step and will not only enable us to receive reports and briefings on how the master planning is evolving but allows community engagement and feedback.

The inaugural meeting was held on 1st August, which was essentially concerned with establishing the terms of reference etc.

The second meeting was held on 21st August and discussed the report from the Master Planning Workshop, the Vision for the Northern Fringe and reports back from the working groups. Not surprisingly one of the hot topics was transport since this is a major concern and it was felt that out of date traffic data was being used and road safety was not being adequately addressed, particularly on Tuddenham Road. A transport expert will be invited to the next meeting on 26th September to present a report and answer questions.

Atlas (Advisory Team for Large Applications) made a presentation on their views of ‘What Makes a Good Place’. Atlas is an independent advisory service available to Local Authorities to support them in dealing with complex large-scale housing led projects. The team is sponsored by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). For more information see here . A study tour of a couple of new developments is being arranged for 1st October.

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