Immigration Driving Housing
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29th January 2013

One of the key drivers for housing growth is immigration. We have always been lead to believe that immigration has not been a big issue for Ipswich but the 2011 Census results tell a different story. From 2001 to 2011 Ipswich had an influx of 9977 non-UK born people who were still there at the time of the Census. During that time Ipswich had an unprecedented boom in house/flat building (double the long term average) and based on the average occupancy, immigrants absorbed just over 60 percent of the housing growth. We don't have a view whether immigration is a good or bad thing but merely note it is having a significant affect on housing need in Ipswich. The question is whether large scale building on the Northern Fringe will merely act as a magnet to attract further immigration, particularly as Romanian and Bulgarian restrictions end in January 2014.

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