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Mersea Homes/ CBRE Global Investors Update – 8th Apr 2016
The timescales for a planning decision by IBC have now slipped to the 29th July 2016. The main reason for the delay has been the difficulty in coming up with a traffic solution for the Ipswich Garden Suburb (IGS) that doesn’t result in gridlock within Ipswich and the surrounding roads. Mersea Homes/CBRE has produced a revised traffic model but has encountered difficulties in proving the model works to the satisfaction of Suffolk County Council. We understand that agreement has recently been reached and the model is now being used to assess the traffic impacts of the IGS with and without mitigation proposals.

Crest Nicholson Planning Application – 8th Apr 2016
Crest is in the process of preparing an outline planning application for the Henley Gate area of the Ipswich Garden Suburb, i.e. the land between Henley Road and Westerfield Road north of the railway line and south of Lower Road. The proposals are for 1000 new homes, a country park, a primary school and a local shopping centre. Their intentions are to submit an outline planning application in June 2016 with a view to obtaining a planning decision by the end of December 2016. We have arranged to meet them on 3rd May to discuss the key issues and their proposals.

AGM Held on 5th April 2016 – 8th Apr 2016

Our Annual General Meeting was held at 7.30 pm at the Ascension Hall, Larchcroft Road, Ipswich on 5th April 2016. For further Information please click on one of the following links:

Government Planning Inspector Appointed – 19th January 2016
The Secretary of State has appointed Malcolm Rivett to conduct a public examination into the soundness of the revised Ipswich Local Plan. Having undertaken an initial assessment of the plan and representations from us and others, the Inspector has recognised there are a number of key issues that need to be explored prior to the main public hearings. These “Stage 1” hearings will take place on the 22nd –24th March 2016 and we will be in attendance to represent NFPG views. Find out more...

Mersea Homes/CBRE planning Application Update – 24th November 2015
The developers have failed to meet their revised timescales for resolving the many serious issues raised and have yet to resubmit modified proposals. A new traffic model has been constructed by the developer’s consultants Croft Transport Solutions but is proving difficult to validate against measured traffic data. We have no information on the latest highway changes that are under consideration but this will be a major concern for many residents. Traffic will be the key issue in determining the application and we will need to pay special attention to new information submitted by the developers.

Core Strategy Consultation – 24th November 2015
Ipswich Borough Council (IBC) have recently undertaken a public consultation on the revised Core Strategy and this concluded on 23rd November 2015. Comments were invited on a number of proposed changes (referred to as Main Modifications). They were mainly editorial in nature as well as addressing the Government withdrawal of the ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’ and other legal changes. They completely fail to address the substantial number of key issues raised by us and other parties during the previous consultation (March 2015) and IBC have declined to offer any explanation why such key issues have been disregarded. IBC risks undermining local democracy by such actions. Our representations can be found by clicking on the following links Core Strategy and Sustainability Appraisal.

Mersea Home/CBRE Planning Application Update - 2nd April 2015

Following our news item below, we understand that a planning meeting has been pencilled in for July 22nd,when will be able to voice our objections. It will be important to get our key objections across clearly and have a high level of public support at the meeting.

Revised Core Strategy Consultation - 18th March 2015

Thanks to everyone who responded to the above consultation. Our detailed submissions on the above can be see by clicking on one of the following links Core Strategy & Policies Development Plan and the associated Sustainability Appraisal.

The revised Core Strategy intends to allocate the entire Ipswich Northern Fringe for immediate development through multi-site starts. This is a high-risk strategy that will result in severe traffic congestion for both North Ipswich and the town centre and will damage the future attractiveness and prosperity of the town.

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Mersea Home/CBRE Planning Application delayed - 18th March 2015
As a direct consequence of the many serious issues raised by us and others the timescales have slipped from November 2014 to 30th September 2015 to allow the developers more time to resolve these issues and modify their proposals. The plans consisted of an outline application for the parcel of land owned by the developers between Henley Road and Westerfield Road south of the railway line and detailed plans for the first phase of 80 homes. The latter has now been dropped which is good news since in our opinion the designs were bland and of poor quality. We understand the key issues remain unresolved but to meet the above timescales we can expect revised plans will need to be submitted for public consultation around June and a planning meeting to be held in September.

AGM - 18th March 2015
Please note that the AGM will be held at 7.30pm on Wednesday 25th March at the Dales Public House, Dales Road, Ipswich.

** PLEASE RESPOND to the Latest Consultation by 5th March 2015 **
Ipswich Borough Council are currently consulting on their latest blue print for Ipswich which includes allocating the whole of the Ipswich Northern Fringe for development. Please click here to see our comments and a tick sheet you are welcome to use to respond to the consultation.
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Public Exhibitions January 2015 – 31st December 2014
Ipswich Borough Council is holding a number of public exhibitions during January 2015, which concern the Northern Fringe, and we would encourage you to attend and make you views known. Dates and times are available here. This forms part of a public consultation that closes on 5th March 2015 – see Notice of Consultation. We will be issuing a simple tick sheet in mid February 2015 to help people with their representations and will also be submitting a detailed representation on behalf of our members and others who have asked us to represent them.
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Major setback for Mersea Homes Planning Application – 23rd November 2014
We are pleased that Suffolk County Council has objected to the planning application ‘owing to inadequate evidence, particularly transport and drainage, and a lack of a clear strategy to deliver strategic infrastructure such as the bridges and the secondary school’. As the Highway Authority, they have major concerns with the transport modelling but ‘Even with the lack of information and methodological flaws, the results indicate that the development has a severe impact on network performance and travel times‘. At last our message on traffic congestion seems to be getting through! Ipswich Council has agreed with the developers a delay in the planning application decision from Mid November until the end February 2015 so that further work can be undertaken.
If you wish to comment please email

Our email Address has Changed – 23rd November 2014
Please note that due to administration difficulties with our email account we have changed our email address to
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

NFPG Objects to Mersey Homes Planning Application - 12th September 2014
On the 8th September 2014 we submitted our comments and objections to the Mersey Homes/ CBRE Global Investors planning application IP14/00638 for the first part of the Ipswich Northern Fringe. You can read our report by clicking here and the appendix by clicking here
We would like to thank people for sending in tick sheet and written responses to the Council.

Planning Application is a Mountain of Information – 14th August 2014
Mersea Homes and CBRE Global Investors submitted a planning application at the end of July for the first part of the Ipswich Northern Fringe. The application documentation is enormous extending to 171 documents with at least one over 300 pages and several over 100 pages. How members of the public are expected to digest and comment on this remains a mystery! It would be difficult enough to comment by the published deadline of 25th August but the timing could not have been more difficult, falling within the peak summer holiday season –was this deliberate?
To help the public with their responses we will be extracting key issues and publicising a tick sheet on this website and plan to post a flyer to some homes in the north of Ipswich. In addition we will be formally responding on behalf of our members and people who have asked us to represent them.
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Mersea Homes Exhibition and Consultation 25th/26th April - 7th April 2014

Mersea Homes and CBRE Global Investors intend to submit an outline planning application later this spring and have arranged a public consultation and exhibition details as follows:

   Venue:  Ipswich Sports Club Henley Road Ipswich
   Times:   Friday 25th April 10.00am – 6.30pm
                 Saturday 26th April 10.00am – 3.00pm

We would encourage you to attend the exhibition to learn what they propose, to ask questions and to make your views know. Find out more...

Consultation Submissions – 11th March 2014
We have submitted our comments and recommendations on the recent Ipswich Borough Council Public Consultations. Our feedback mirrors the concerns of many Ipswich Residents and has been as constructive as possible to help the Council make Ipswich a better place. Find out more...

Northern Fringe Consultation Closes on 10th March 2014 - 24th February 2014
The Council are holding a public consultation seeking your views on the Northern Fringe masterplan, Ipswich Core Strategy, and the associated Sustainability Appraisals and Site Allocations. You may have already submitted your views. If so, well done! If not, you may find it helpful to simply complete and return the tick sheet. We will be making submissions on behalf of our members and people who have asked us to represent them but of course they are always welcome to make their own submissions. Find out more...

Public Exhibitions & Consultation 13th January - 10th March 2014
Ipswich Borough Council have agreed for a public consultation on the Ipswich Northern Fringe draft Masterplan (now renamed Ipswich Garden Suburb Supplementary Planning Document) and a review of the Core Strategy, to commence on the 13th January 2014 and complete on the 10th March 2014. Associated with the Core Strategy review is a Site Allocations document which identifies sites within Ipswich for future development. Find out more...
Public Exhibitions & Consultation 22nd Feb 2013
Thanks to everyone who attended the public exhibitions and the public meeting on the Northern Fringe Issues and Options. Today is the closing day for the public consultation and you can see our response by clicking here. Find out more...

Sustainability Appraisal of Northern Fringe Options 20th Feb 2013
The Council has commissioned a sustainability appraisal of the Northern Fringe Issues and Options from Hyder Consulting (UK) Limited. The sustainability appraisal, which is an interim report at this stage, identifies the options potential impacts on environmental, economic and social objectives.

The NFPG response to the report can be seen here.

Tuddenham to take Northern Fringe Sewage 12th Feb 2013
At the Northern Fringe Community Steering Panel held on 12th February, Sue Bull of Anglian Water said that foul water/sewage drainage solutions from the proposed Northern Fringe development were proving 'challenging'. Originally it was thought the development would be able to connect into the sewer systems feeding into Cliff Quay treatment works. However, it now appears this isn't a feasible option and to connect to Cliff Quay a totally new sewer pipe would be required to link the Northern Fringe. Find out more...

Immigration Driving Housing 29th Jan 2013
One of the key drivers for housing growth is immigration. We have always been lead to believe that immigration has not been a big issue for Ipswich but the 2011 Census results tell a different story. Find out more...

Update on Proposed Cycle Path Through the Centre of Christchurch Park 22nd Nov 2012
Good news! This matter was raised at the Ipswich Central Area Committee Meeting held on 14th November 2012 and Councillor Carole Jones stated that the Ipswich Borough Council had no plans for such a dual pedestrian cycle way through Christchurch Park and that it would be considered to be too dangerous for pedestrians. The Council will write to Suffolk County Council informing them of their error in showing this as a current shared route.

Public Exhibitions to be Held on Northern Fringe master Plan Layout Options 22nd Nov 2012
Ipswich Borough Council plan to hold a number of exhibitions starting in January 2013 showing 3 layout options for the Northern Fringe Master Plan modelled on a garden suburb extension including a country park. Details will be shown on possible options for schools, shops, commercial and community facilities, green spaces etc. Find out more...

Proposed Cycle Path Through the Centre of Christchurch Park 1st Nov 2012
The development of 4000 new homes on the Ipswich Northern Fringe will significantly impact upon the already congested road networks and not surprisingly part of the transport strategy is to encourage people out of their cars onto public transport, cycle ways and walkways.

Part of the proposal is to create a key shared cycle and walkway through The Avenue and the centre of Christchurch Park into Ipswich, exiting the park at Soane Street. Find out more...

Master Plan Timescales Slip 1st Nov 2012
The timescales for the preparation and adoption of the Northern Fringe Master Plan have slipped and the public exhibition of 3 site layout options is now expected to take place in January. Find out more...

Will the Northern Fringe Development Be Sustainable? 1st Nov 2012
As part of the current Northern Fringe Master planning exercise, Ipswich Borough Council have commissioned a Sustainability Appraisal of the 3 proposed site layout options being considered. They have been consulting the public on the scope of the Sustainability Appraisal and our detailed response can be seen here. Find out more...

Traffic Will Become a Big Issue 27th September 2012
The proposed Ipswich Northern Fringe development will make traffic congestion much worse and this is one of the big issues. The Valley Road is already full to capacity during peak times and there is significant congestion in neighbouring roads including Henley Road, Westerfield Road and Park Road. The Northern Fringe Protection Group is very interested in this matter and have been pressing for an independent study and up-to-date information to be used in the traffic modelling. Find out more...

NF Development Could Cause Ipswich Flooding 19th Sept 2012
Suffolk County Council, the Environment Agency, Anglian Water together with local district and borough councils are producing a new plan to help Suffolk's residents and businesses understand the risk of local flooding. The plan’s main focus is on local or flash flooding from surface water, groundwater or from streams and ditches. Find out more...

Community Steering Panel 21st Aug 2012
We have joined a Community Steering Panel set up by Ipswich Borough Council to form a communications channel between community groups and the Council including the Northern Fringe Development Steering Group, Spatial Masterplanning Working Group and the Transport Working Group. Find out more...

Masterplan Workshop 21st July 2012
As part of a drive to engage the local community in the planning of the Ipswich Northern Fringe, Ipswich Borough Council arranged, through David Lock Associates, a Masterplanning Workshop on 21st July 2012 at the Ipswich Sports Club, Henley Road Ipswich. The purpose of the workshop was to bring different groups together to discuss issues and principles for the development, and to begin to explore ideas about masterplanning the land at the Northern Fringe. Find out more...

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