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Northern Fringe Development is Premature

The proposed Northern Fringe development stems from the Ipswich Core Strategy, which contains out of date evidence and assumptions based on earlier boom times. The Ipswich Borough Council's housing targets are based on its aspiration to create 18000 additional jobs between 2001-2027 in the Ipswich Policy Area, an area that includes neighbouring districts in addition to the Borough. Unfortunately much has changed since then with fewer jobs in Ipswich than in 2001 and far lower jobs growth prospects. Since 2001 the number of Ipswich based jobs has shrunk and even prior to the downturn the predicted jobs growth within the Borough over the next 15 years was small. In effect the Ipswich Northern Fringe is being sacrificed to meet the housing needs of potential jobs growth elsewhere, specifically Adastral Park, Felixstowe Docks, Ransomes Europark and the A12/A14 corridors.

The neighbouring authorities also have plans to build housing close to where jobs are expected to grow, e.g. Adastral Park, Trimley and close to Snoasis. There is still significant development capacity remaining at Ravenswood. The Ipswich Northern Fringe has poor transport links, already suffers from traffic congestion and is poorly located near to where jobs growth is predicted.

Ipswich needs redevelopment and housing in the town centre, with all the benefits it will bring, which will help make the town a more vibrant and attractive place. There are areas of retail space, which have never taken off, e.g. the Mint Quarter near the Regent and the former Civic Centre that could be developed for housing. Also the Waterfront and Ravenswood need to be completed and other areas such as St Clements hospital, the old Tooks bakery and British Sugar sites are ripe for housing development.

We believe that if more realistic up to date housing targets were used, as opposed to those from the 2001-2008 boom period, enough previously developed land has been identified by Ipswich Borough Council to meet the housing need over the next 10 or more years. There is no need to rush into the development of the Northern Fringe at this time.