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Ipswich Borough Council have created a Vision and Core Objectives for the Master plan, click here for more information.

In summary the vision has 4 themes:


The essential design ethos will be that of a 21st Century garden suburb combining accessibility to the town's facilities but with a strong emphasis on green space and contact with nature. The architectural design will be contemporary with high standards of architecture and an emphasis on spacious resource efficient homes. The net housing density will be no more than 35 per hectare (approximately 14 per acre)


The new community will meet a full range of housing needs supported by community facilities that will help overcome any deficiencies identified in the surrounding communities. A mixed-use district centre (including shops, banks, building societies and restaurants, employment space, public facilities, residential space, and civic space) will be provided together with local centres, a new secondary school, and three new primary schools. Creche, nursery, and space for community activities will be provided in schools.


Every opportunity will be taken in designing the new community to reduce the need to travel, especially by car. The concept of walkable neighbourhoods will be central and there will be frequent bus services to the town centre. Streets will have design speeds of 20mph or less and a bridge will be provided over the Ipswich to Lowestoft railway line to help connect parts of the site.

Climate Change

The Council will encourage low energy use and energy efficiency as well as conserving water use through including rainwater capture and storage. A new country park will be provided and the green infrastructure network will build on the existing field hedgerows and trees. Community gardens and orchards will be provided in appropriate locations